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  1. I decided to give up on drawing the back porch (Utility room) in the plan because either I could not get everything to show up in the back porch (i.e. 2 out of 3 wall framing only would show on the second level) or because the wall framing for the back porch would alter the wall framing of the original structure (they have different lumber dimensions and different framing styles) (They have different roof framing lumber dimensions and styles). So, I redrew the porch from scratch in another plan and now I am attempting to move the back porch into the original drawing.
  2. Right, but how to create the second level? I've tried Build New Floor, Build Insert New Floor. I've looked at room definitions. Also, when I was originally building the porch, Build New Floor didn't work for some reason, I don't remember why. Now when I try to add a new floor I only get Add a 3rd floor, which puts different parts of the porch on different floor plan levels than the rest of the house, even if I did get the walls to show up in the plan views.
  3. Thanks again to all for the help that I have received! I am trying to get the walls to appear on the second story of the porch on the back of the house and to get the outline of the walls of the porch to appear in the attic level. I've looked at many combinations of plan views and layers but so far no luck. I think it has something to do with room assignment or maybe because I never used "add floor" while building the porch second story...(I remember trying to use add floor but, if I remember correctly, it wouldn't work for me.) Everything else shows up in each level,
  4. Another all-nighter with X10. Very little progress. I'm trying to add an addition onto the back of the house, the addition is about six inches narrower than the house, on each side. This addition has walls with windows and a roof. I'm on my third attempt, every time the addition starts to affect the rest of the plan. For example, now the corner of the house foundation wall has an indentation, where the arrow points. Also the basement floor disappeared. Another huge issue, I have been trying to replace the rails with walls. I've scoured video
  5. After manual roof planes started working I was able to finish the porch. Have to re-do the front gable trim, but it's moving forward again. Thanks again to all who have helped.
  6. Thanks man, you are up late too. I've got things back to the way they were. How to put the roof planes in without causing these issues? I also have to put another porch on the back of the building. Everything works for building the porch model up to the point at which I put the the roof on. Also, I can't get the manual roof plane to work, which I think would be useful in this situation.Plot3V15.plan Plot3V15.plan
  7. I decided to move on with the model even though I failed to get the exterior trim to form mitres. It's rough and it looks like crap. I received a ton of help here on that but for some reason I just am not getting it. The help I received from Chief Architect help desk for the trim mitre issue was incorrect. I spent weeks on their method but it was completely wrong advice. I've been loath to start the porch. Previously I had tons of problems with automatic walls when I worked on the porch. This time exactly the same thing.
  8. It worked for me once last night. I simply started to draw the line at the bottom left corner of a gable end and after an endpoint indicator lit up, then I noticed it was going at an odd angle so I pressed Cntrl and freed it up so that I could direct it up to the apex of the gable peak. Then I think I clicked at the end and re-clicked and started back down the other side, and finished with another click, I believe. Easy as pie. Stupidly, I backed it up to re-do it this morning so as to include the short horizontal sections. Now Build<Tri
  9. Yes, a lot like that. How did you do it?
  10. Actually it was Build>Trim>3D Molding Line not Polyline that I used back in Plot3V7.
  11. The issue I'm having is that the CAD element that I named "EaveGutter" does not go all the way around the house in one horizontal continuous band. It follows along the eve where the roof comes down parallel to the eave, but then when it arrives at any one of the gable ends, it follows up, in Z, at an angle like a rafter does, along the underside of the gable roof overhang. However, there is a short section, about 6-8", that continues in the horizontal, just before it starts to angle upward along the bottom of the gable end overhang. I was able
  12. Yes, interior room definitions were not assigned for the second floor, now I've got an area selected outside the building. Thank you.
  13. I can turn on, or better said, reassign, my interior rooms, I'll do that now.
  14. I sent a question to Chief because I was unable to get the moldings to operate. They sent back some instructions. After removing all the existing molding polylines, the first step was to: -Select "Exterior Room" within a 2D floor plan view. Only problem, I've been searching for anything related to an external room and after a lot of looking, nada. They sent a screenshot which included an area outside of the building siding which appears to be selected. I've been in all the 2D floor plan modes using as many buttons and combinations as I can