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15 hours ago, gelbuilding said:

Cannot dimension in section elevation views.

The cursor goes weird on the elevation view trying to drag a dimension.

Can you try to use the auto storypole dims and do you have your dims setup to locate framing?

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The plan is Really slow George , at least for me , so you have to drag REALLY slowly or I think I get the craziness you describe.... either Vertically or Horizontally using the Manual Dim. Tool , vertical seems worse...I wasn't sure what Mode you were using from the OP..... and you didn't save a Camera either , so I'm not sure if it a particular Camera you are using...


by default you Elevation camera ( Annotation) was Using 1:1000 Scale (numbers were huge) which made it worse .....1:50 Scale was better..... tried smaller too


I didn't download all the textures in the Folder , not sure if that is my slowness issue ? or not.....assuming you don't see that it maybe...

*** redownloaded entire Folder but no difference.





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really slow in Elevation though other views didn't seem bad , eg 3D overview was okay....


Tried a side and back-clipped Elevation to one building and it was a (very) little better...


you and I have the same VideoCard so I don't think it is that....


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Thanks for looking at the model.

I don't understand I have a good video card, I find it very slow in elevation.

We have sent the model to CA and they don't see any issues with it.

Appart from Perry we all find it slow and sluggish in elevation.

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