Exterior ray traces less "cartoony"

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Hi All

I am wondering if there are any suggestions for making an exterior ray trace a little less "cartoony".  Some of the interior ray traces I have done look almost  like a photo.  But my exteriors are kinda blah.  I have had to downgrade to X9 because of poor ray traces.  I have attached a pic and the zipped plan.  I have tried to add textures where I can, and I have mapped the house to the GPS and am using sun angles.  I also think it helps when you add landscaping and lighting, for some reason.  But this current plan I just can't seem to take from Warner Brothers to Pixar.

Thanks in advance




front 146.jpg

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It looks like you don't have shadows on, Toggle Shadows On.


Go to 3D > 3D View Defaults, set Daytime Ambient to 100%. It will look blown out in standard render but works for RT.


(Setting Interior Ambient to 100% also enhances interior RTs)


In RT Settings, try Ambient Occlusion at 0.1 Min and 6.0 Max, Direct Sunlight 5.0


Uncheck Use Tone Mapping. You can adjust those settings during or after RT.



I didn't have your textures so my RT looked cartoony too but a little more realistic using these settings.



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My attempt. 

Some textures, shadows etc. 

3D trees which create shadows thus adding a smidgen of realism, maples of course. (I’m Canadian)


Overall I might’ve dropped it down from WB to Looney Toons though. 

Add some 3D trees though.

They help. 


pgjacob pbr.jpg

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Firstly, the view is flat - shot straight on to the front elevation - so it can be difficult to stage. The color palette is also challenging. Here's my brief attempt:



Most of my changes were focused on getting light and shadow to work for you:

1. I added accent bands to the stucco (what I assume is stucco).

2. I fattened the stucco thickness by 1/2" and carried the wall materials around to the side walls.

3. Lots of material adjustments.

4. 3D shrubbery and trees.

5. I made the wall caps wider.

6. Selected garage door panels that have a realistic profile.

7. Select a background and adjust the camera and site materials appropriately.

8. Raytrace with ambient occlusion, environment light, photons, and focal blur.


Good luck.

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thanks to all!  Very helpful.  I will continue to refer to this post for help in future.

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