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Hi all, 


Looking for some wall definition advice.  Wondering how you show vertical strapping in your wall detail?  Do you leave an air space and just callout vertical strapping with polylines? Make it a framing layer and modify manually?  It is for an open joint siding application and strapping is supposed to align with studs. 








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I have typical strapping details for one and two story walls for Houston that I use that were provided by the Engineer. It has to be signed off by an engineer.

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Guessing the OP is using a wall similar to this.



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I used to define it in my wall layers as a gap, like this:



Now I don't bother with separate exterior wall layers; instead I define a single-thickness exterior wall layer (includes sheathing, cladding, etc.) and use a "wall key" with details to illustrate the various exterior assemblies. This keeps my floor plans a bit more readable, and I've found it easier to change the detail when the project conditions change rather than mess with changing the wall definitions.


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Yes Eric, that is similar to where I am heading.

Probably going to go with separate details and callouts (as Robert suggested). Easier to manipulate and keeps the plan clean.


Thanks all!



Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 1.37.59 PM.png

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You can do this with a Framing Layer fairly easily ,


You must uncheck "Stagger Framing Layers" to get the

Rainscreen Strapping to line up with the studs automatically

if that is desired in the Wall's DBX Structure Tab ( at Bottom)


And VERY importantly FRAME the wall or you won't see them in

Plan View OR 3D Views as they are a Framing Type Material.


I use the same technique for Board And Batten Siding.



See if my Library of RainScreen Materials Work for you.....




MHD RainScreen Battens.calibz





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