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Definitely possible to create that in Chief, but a few quick notes/warnings...


-Regardless of whether or not you want to use the picture or model it all from scratch, you will definitely have to at least model the frame and probaby even the doors themselves if you want it to look any kind of realistic.  That alone would be a difficult task for most users.


-If you want to use the image you're going to have to do some very careful cropping and I would personally probably even go so far as to change the image to make everything except the scroll-work transparent.  Again...not an easy task and by the time you go that far you may as well have just modeled the scroll-work from scratch.


-I can tell you from experience that the scroll-work is very difficult in Chief.  Doable, but difficult.


End of the day?  Even the most proficient Chiefers would have a hard time modeling that door.  I could personally do it, but to reach any kind of quality that I would be ready to put my name on, my time would likely end up being measured in hours as opposed to minutes. If you decided to make a go of it, good luck.  It will probably be a very good exercise but be prepared to spend a lot of time on it. 

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9 hours ago, GeneDavis said:

I hope you are getting paid in full for whatever time it takes to do it.


Painting the image onto an arched doorway with slab is easy, but your 2D floor plan might look hinky.


Yup.  Then try to draw those doors opened, or view them from various angles inside and outside or with lights and shadows in affect, or in section views, etc.  Really not very realistic, accurate, or usable IMO except for maybe a few very limited views.  It might work for the occasional situation though.  The biggest challenge though IMO...


When I'm modeling something, I always aim to create the object so that it does a good job representing the subject matter not only in standard views...but in plan views, and more importantly--vector views (and other line based views) as well.  Personally I can't stand to be limited to using only standard views. 

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