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  1. Hello, I imported a text file with point and elevation data, in the text file the elevation data is in decimal feet. When I try to display to elevation on each point using the text macro %elevationf% it is displaying in feet and inches. How do I change the units to decimal feet? Is there another macro I'm not seeing? Thanks
  2. We're putting in a subdivision and are working on getting the road engineered. The engineer we're using is doing it as side work so he doesn't have all of the CAD programs he would normally have. I've given him a plat with all of the elevation points that the surveyor gave us, but now he's asking for a cross section of the road with stations and elevations. Can Chief do that? I can get a cross section but I couldn't figure out how to get the points and elevations Thanks!
  3. Is there a way to generate framing for soffits? I generally use soffits to show tray ceilings and I'd love for them to show up on the perspective framing overview. Is there a way to do that?
  4. My client found their entry door online, is there anyway to use the photo to create a front door? Or is there a way to recreate a door like this?
  5. Hi, I'm drawing a brick home for the first time and am using a brick ledge. But when I specified a brick ledge my foundation walls started to appear as a single line instead of the normal double. It's doing it for all of the rooms except the garage. I'm completely stumped as to why it's doing that or how to fix it?
  6. Hi ... I'm trying to build a bonus room above a garage. I don't want to have to use a roof pitch above a 6/12 so I tried to make the garage have 12' ceilings, build the roof, and then build the second story. When i built the second story I lowered the ceiling in the garage to give more height in the bonus room. However when I do this I get an error message when trying to create a roof truss. It tells me it can't be done because "A flat ceiling must be present for the middle of the truss, and floor platforms present for the ends of the truss." How do I convince the program that there is a ceiling and floor platforms? Thanks! Jenny