Angled driveway cut & fill?


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Does anyone know how to make a driveway that runs up a sloping lot at an angle.  Seems like it should be simple, but I'm racking my brain here and have come up empty with multiple attempts.  You can see what I'm going for in the images below.  The driveway feature just paints a driveway on top of the existing terrain topography, and I can't figure out how to create a slab or a terrain feature that slopes continuously the way you would expect. 


I'm using chief X9, plan file attached.  

Driveway 001.PNG

Driveway 002.PNG

Driveway 003.PNG

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Okay, so after watching about 15 videos and spending at least as many hours working on my terrain I've got something I think is pretty workable. However, I'm still struggling with the road/driveway connection. 


For whatever reason, Chief insists on cutting the road about 4 feet deep into the terrain, then it refuses to connect my driveway to the road. 


I don't seem able to control this in any way.  I'd like for the road to be about 4 feet higher so that it doesn't create a ridiculous driveway slope.  I tried controlling the road using contour lines and elevation regions but it just caused really messed up contours and spiky geometry at the edge and didn't seem to help with the cut depth of the road.  I tried making the road thicker, but that just raises the surface of the road leaving a weird cut in the terrain that goes to the bottom of the road.  I tried using a driveway and a sidewalk in place of a road and both behave the same as the road. 


I'm totally at a loss and would be grateful for any help or a nudge in the right direction.


Plan attached.  I'm using X9. 


PS:  If you haven't seen this excellent but very well hidden video from Chief it was the single most helpful to me.

Road 1.PNG

Road 2.PNG

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This is a start and the key is to just make small adjustments at a time and watch in 3D if it is working or not.  But the reality is you may need to make some adjustments to your foundation height and grade levels on the lot as the municipality is not likely to let you move the street.  I have not seen the site photos but your terrain data on the plot map is rather extreme for a typical building site.  Looks like Maple Lane is rather steep with a 10 or 12% grade and your lot is even steeper.  Hope it does not snow where you are.


That is currently the best terrain video and I am glad you found it hidden away where it is.  I have linked it for people in several other threads myself.


Cottage Lane Driveway.jpg

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Hey Chopsaw, what you did with the added elevation lines seems to have helped immensely.  I tried a very similar thing, and ended up with really bad spiky terrain at the road edge.  Just a degree of finesse I suppose!  I'll probably go in and play a bit with what you started and see if I can get the road to better match the site. 


And yes, the terrain data is correct, and it does snow a bit here, but not terribly.   Actually, I had to simplify the terrain data quite a bit in order to make chief happy.  The area towards the top of the hill has a steeper climb in some parts, but adding in additional elevation contours causes Chief to freak out, so I had to dial it back a bit. 


Thanks again!




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