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  1. I need someone to take what I have and finish out the construction drawings. We just finalized our plans with our builder last night, and now we need to complete the construction set to submit to the city for permit. We are building in Broadview Heights, Ohio. It can take up to 30 days for the city to approve, so I would like to have these drawings done ASAP so that we can break ground by the end of June. Attached is the plan file and layout file I've got. I made both, so if you have questions or if any resources are missing or whatever, I should be able to help. The layout file included is the preliminary drawing set I provided to the builder for contract & pricing and the bank for appraisal and loan closing. I'm a mechanical engineer, so I'm a little outside my depth in determining how much more I need to add to this in order to submit to the city. Additionally, my role at work recently changed leaving me with a shortage of free time to really dabble in the layout. I'm just looking for someone to take what I have and push it the last few yards over the finish line. Deliverables expected are a CA plan and layout file. I do not need PDFs or prints (we can handle that). The files are to be unlocked and compatible with CA X9 or X10 so that I can make changes myself if needed. You can use as much or as little of my layout file as you wish. Excluded from the scope are mechanical, electrical, and site plan - the builder is supplying those. I don't need renderings either, however, I'm open to additional views or screenshots wherever needed. More detail = less chance for misinterpretation! Please respond with your quote to s.soeder@gmail.com or reply to this thread. Thanks! Steven PS> we are building using the Swedish platform framing system, so any questions on the framing plans or wall details or whatever, please clarify with me. Thanks again! 180511_Backup.zip Thack-NEW.layout
  2. Hey all, I'm having trouble getting a door in a bearing wall to look right in section view. Chief wants to cut the rough opening for the door down through the basement slab. I can't figure out how to tell it to set the door on top of the slab. I tried to change the height off the floor in the door DBX but then it wants to create a jam underneath, which looks even goofier in section view. Pics and plan attached, in case anyone wants to take a look. Door to Floor.zip
  3. CBRF23

    Attic trusses missing bottom chord

    Eric, thanks again for your help, the attic wall trick looks to be what I need. Where did you find that info? I created these following the steps outlined in the help file here: https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-00981/creating-roof-trusses.html Any ceiling joists present were generated by the "build attic truss" command, as I just drew a truss using that command per the KB article and then placed additionals using the interval copy tool.
  4. I'm trying to generate attic trusses over a garage and they are missing the bottom chords. The two end trusses seem to display correctly, but all the field trusses are missing the bottom chord. The field trusses were generated by copying the end trusses using the place copies at intervals while dragging tool. The non-attic trusses over the second garage generated just fine, so I'm not sure what I did wrong here. Bottom Chords.zip
  5. Joe - you were correct, there was no paint layer. Which is odd, because I thought I had set them all up with a paint layer. Must have been deleted somehow. Thanks!!
  6. So for whatever reason, I haven't quite figured out yet, Chief doesn't like to apply my default wall color to the custom exterior wall types I've created. I always end up with just a plain drywall finish ( no paint). It's a real PITA to go back in and have to paint each wall individually, so I was wondering if there was a quick way to apply an interior material finish/wall color to ALL walls?
  7. Solver, you rock. Thank you. I can use your approach in a couple of other areas as well. Very helpful. Thanks again!
  8. I'm fighting chief here with the wall/ceiling/roof intersection of a 1.5 story room. I've got a nested gable and Chief just doesn't want to cooperate with me where the forward gable and attic wall of the rearward gable basically bisect this exterior wall. A picture is worth a thousand words, so see the two below for clarification. The problem I'm having is that when I drag the interior side of the wall up to meet the ceiling it pulls the exterior side of the wall above the roof plane. If I drag the exterior of the wall down, it pulls the interior down away from the ceiling and leaves a gap in the wall (or if I pull it down too far chief tries to build an attic wall in the gap and screws everything up). I tried to split the wall polyline, as you can see in the picture, but Chief seems to just ignore the split. Very frustrating and I'm not sure what to do here. I'm not very experienced with building 1.5 story homes in this program. I built the first two floors and then did all the roofs with manual planes. I'm working in v X9. Plan is attached. Wall Fight.zip
  9. CBRF23

    Struggling with parapet gable walls

    Solver, I opened up your plan, and that wall return is perfect. Eactly what I was going for, I'll have to incorporate your technique into my plan. Did you happen to notice any issues with the gable wall resolving improperly? When I opened your file I noticed the wall was improperly "skewed" on one side. That is one of the things that's been happening to me and it's driving me insane - I get the wall set the way I like it (making sure to drag one of the corners so it doesn't reshape with the roof) and then after I change something else (i.e wall on other side of roof) it seems to reshape itself just like yours did, giving me an unevenly distributed parapet. Check the attached screenshot, let me know if you've seen this on your end or not.
  10. CBRF23

    Struggling with parapet gable walls

    I'm going for something like the attached image. Would you be able to post back the plan you fixed up? I'd like to take a look at how you did the ceiling plan. Thanks!
  11. I'm getting beat-up by Chief pretty good this weekend. I've been fighting with these parapet gables since Friday, figured I would get it sorted over the weekend but I'm having lots of trouble and figure it's time to ask for help I got the rough form down, but trying to iron it all out is killing me. Whenever I make an adjustment or move a wall, other unrelated walls move and change shape. I'm also not sure how to get the lower floor walls to do what I want, which is to have a 2" brick return (photoshopped image attached). I've attached the plan, and would greatly appreciate any advice here. I'm willing to change tactics if anyone has a better way of making these. The process I followed to create the parapets was 1) move roof up in Z 2) change attic walls to regular walls and modify an edge to get it to retain changes 3) move roof back down 4) drag roof planes back and snap to the inside edges of walls. Parapets.zip
  12. CBRF23

    Angled driveway cut & fill?

    Hey Chopsaw, what you did with the added elevation lines seems to have helped immensely. I tried a very similar thing, and ended up with really bad spiky terrain at the road edge. Just a degree of finesse I suppose! I'll probably go in and play a bit with what you started and see if I can get the road to better match the site. And yes, the terrain data is correct, and it does snow a bit here, but not terribly. Actually, I had to simplify the terrain data quite a bit in order to make chief happy. The area towards the top of the hill has a steeper climb in some parts, but adding in additional elevation contours causes Chief to freak out, so I had to dial it back a bit. Thanks again! Best, Steve
  13. CBRF23

    Funky Footers?

    Hi, 7654321 the test plan you attached still has the same problem (see screenshot). I don't think the floor heights are the problem. In fact, as an experiment, I changed the floor heights back to what I wanted in your file, and there was no change to the stem walls. I think David James is probably on the right track - just go in and manually adjust until they line up. I really don't understand why chief is doing what it's doing, but at least I can work around it. It is strange to me though, if all rooms are set to the same stem wall height and footer depth (125 3/8"), why would there be any variation in the plane of the footings?
  14. CBRF23

    Funky Footers?

    I've got a problem with unwanted steps in my footers. I've checked the foundation tab of the wall properties for each wall, and I've checked the room properties to ensure the stem wall depth and footer depth/sizes are all set the same. For whatever reason, they are not drawing the same depth footers, and I'm getting these really awkward steps. They weren't like this in an earlier version of the plan, and I have no idea how they got broken or how to fix them. Plan_171127.zip