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Hello All, 


Please help! I am wondering if there is a way to import a CAD file with multiple floors. I have a 3 story home that was drawn in CAD and now I am importing it into CA to begin the 3D process. I have tried stacking the file but that doesn't seem to be working either. Any suggestions on how to make this happen? 

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I think you should go to your profile in the setup here, and compose a signature line that tells us a little about you and the software you are using, and also the system on which you run it.


Imported CAD is just that.  CAD lines, arcs, etc.  Bringing it in makes it Chief CAD, which has no floor information per se.  If you imported it in while operating on floor 1, that is where your CAD resides.

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Thank you, Gene! That is the answer I was assuming was coming but I just wanted to check if anyone knew of something I didn't. Also, I will update my profile with all my information. But for this question I am working in X9 on an HP with Windows 10. Thanks again! 

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create a separate cad file for each floor


import each cad file one at a time onto a new floor in chief


scale the cad file


try the Cad to Walls tool - but I have never had any success with it


more likely you will need to trace over the walls with chief walls and then place doors and windows etc



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Typically I draw in CAD with layer names that have a floor prefix. 

FL1_xxxxx   Floor One

FL2_xxxxx  Floor Two

P1_xxxx Plumbing floor one

FR1_xxxx  Framing Floor one


If you use a similar method you can stack the CAD file & turn layers On & OFF

Or block the floors separately  before you import it.



If you use one layer name for all floors & place line work for each floor in a different location in model space in CAD

you will need to bring each floor in separately. If you do that consider blocking the CAD before or after importing

OR import each floor in a separate "CAD Detail" . Then you can create a block, explode the block & manipulate the line work without dealing with the Chief layer sets.


Any way you decide I prefer blocking the CAD to make it easier to turn off & on.


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