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Is there a way to open the Plan File and Layout file at the same time?


My present process:

Open Chief Architect.

On the Welcome screen, under recent files, select and open the Plan File.

Once the Plan File is open, click File on the top menu.

In the list at bottom, find and select the Layout File.


It would be nice to have an option in the Welcome screen to open the linked Layout file when a Plan File is selected.



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You don't need to open the plan file, if you just open the layout, the plan file comes with it. Just double click to open it from the layout. I also have the x? icon on the taskbar, right click on that to open any plan or layout, both directly.

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My welcome screen has been blank since the x9 upgrade. I hope I'm not missing anything. I just x it out and open plan. In fact anything I try to right click on in the the opening  " Welcome" page is naked. There's arrows to click on but no ID. Still the same after update...

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