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It appears the Owens Corning roof libraries are using a copy of the jpg as a bump? 

The only asphalt roofing in the core is 3 tab shingles.

The architectural look is the norm around here.


It is definitely an improvement. testing in X9.

owenscorning material dbx.JPG


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On 2/3/2017 at 0:46 PM, DRAWZILLA said:

Does anyone know where they keep those normal and bump maps at.


I have wondered about bump maps and normal maps myself.  Do all the materials have them or just some?  Does a person have to create them or are they already tied to the appropriate materials that have them?  I was probably under the wrong impression that CA was redoing a bunch of their materials to include both bump and normal maps.  I need to find some information on bump and normal maps and educate myself on what they are and how they work.  I guess I am confused because now a texture has the Texture Source, option to use Bump Map and specify source of bump map and option to use Normal Map and specify source of normal map.  I am going to check CA's web site for more info on these normal and bump maps.

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I haven't checked EVERY material in X9 but a vast majority of them have bumps or normals.  There doesn't appear to be a rhyme or reason on which one they use.


What I did was created a normal off of the texture.  From there I would create the material in Chief, and then export that particular material.  I would then delete it out of my library and then re-import the material.  What this does is puts everything in the default location that Chief uses, so that my other users can have the same materials without having to have access to those particular texture/normal maps.


Don't know if any of that helps or not.

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