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Wolf Sub stuff

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Saw someone asking for us to pester Wolf/Sub for a catalog. Here is what I have on my machine currently. Some are better than others. Don't know if textures end up missing? (let me know)

These were either gotten from the 3d warehouse or as dwg from Wolf Sub that I messed with. (depends and can't remember) Enjoy till you get what your after.

Wolf Sub.calibz

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Mark, Saw your post in Chiefs Q & A forum and came here for the wolf calibz. Thanks for posting.

 Have a great week end, Ken.  :)

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I was the one who posted on the Q & A forum regarding the SubZero / Wolf catalogs.  

I am in contact with both Subzero and Chief and Subzero needs to see a strong interest from Chief users before they will move forward.  

If you are interested in seeing Subzero / Wolf catalogs included in Chief's library, please send a quick email and let them know you are a Chief user who would like to see Subzero / Wolf catalogs in Chief Architect. Thanks!


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