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I am designing my first home in Chief Architect and having a couple of issues. 


1) The exterior of the house is stucco and I do not want exterior window trim or Popouts. How do I remove exterior window trim?

2) The stucco on two-sides of the house display correctly, while the stucco on the other two sides is a slightly different color. I have verified the setting of the wall and it calls out the same stucco color. Any ideas why this isn't working?


Thanks for your help,


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It is a good idea, if you are going to be here and posting threads, to create a signature line that includes whatever personal info you are willing to share, plus your version of Chief Architect, a description of the rig you run it on, and any other relevant software used in partnership with Chief.


And for sure, when asking for a solution with a project you have in progress, you should try to include some visuals, and a copy of the plan file.  Close the file, zip it, and attach it to your post.  Or if you are using Dropbox, include the link for it.


As for doors and windows, please study the specification dialog, every single tabbed page.  You have complete control over casings, exterior and interior, and can check a box to turn them off.

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1) You can turn off the exterior trim in the Window Specification dialog.


2) My best guess is that you are seeing a lighting or shading effect.  Depending on what kind of view you are in and what kind of rendering technique you are using, there are ways to control this effect. For example, if you are using the standard render camera, you can set your sunlight so that it will automatically follow the camera which will make all of your exterior camera views look more similar.

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