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I have made changes to an elevation and the message pops up asking me to update my layout when I exit. I click yes because I want to see how the layout works with some of my material regions. My question is, is there a way to update the elevation so it makes changes to the layout without having to exit out and reopen the layout? 

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      What is the best method for displaying preliminary design concepts to clients of the same room? An example being kitchens; I want to show multiple cabinet layouts but would rather not have a multitude of plan sets for their project from doing a "Save As" method. 
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      Most of my layout sheets have general notes such as SEE SHEET A7.1 FOR SCHEDULES.  On occasion, depending on the project, the sheet with schedules may change to A6.1.  Is there a way to reference a specific sheets label so if that changes it will change in the note and not have to do it manually?  I do not think there is, but trying to reduce some of the things I miss when doing a final review.
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      I have tried changing my elevation views to live view on demand and it appears fuzzy and does not print correctly, however all brackets appear on the elevations.  If I change them all to plot line view only 2 of the 4 will display brackets...what gives?  If I refresh all, it switches from one set of 2 to the other set. So odd.  I've only been working in chief for 5 days, so surely it's something I'm doing wrong?
      Please help!
      Rafter P Drafting Millwork.layout
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      We are a Kitchen & Bath Dealer in Carver, Ma looking for someone to come train our designer onsite to use CA. We have a training room w/ projector. We only have our 1 license for Premiere. Presenters that have 2020 expr is a huge plus. Not so much looking to get out of the training deigning of K&B's, but we are looking to focus on the K&B Presentations and using the program for K&B.
      Looking to get out of the training;
      Better ease while working on floorplans
      Any Timesaving tips 
      ease of use w/ elevations
      Showing dimensions that are pertinent
      Electrical/lighting plans
      Tile plans
      Plumbing plans
      Cabinetry tips and tricks
      Any remodeling tips and tricks
      As-Built plans / Old floor plan to new floorplan
      Rendering tips and tricks 
      Looking for onsite training probably 1 day session to start preferably during the week, 6 - 8 hours then more as needed in the following weeks after first session. Please email Paul@southcoastkitchens.com w/ quotes a little about your exp. w/ CA and availability. We will provide lunch. 
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      New to CA, scope of work is typically kitchens, but steadily growing and starting to offer more services then just cabinetry.  Many years of 2020 experience so I am looking to see how others are putting together layouts for their clients/installers and utilize the layout/template tools since I'm not fully aware of what can be done with the program. Currently am printing on 11x17 but am definitely open to going to 18x24. Please feel free to showcase anything and everything will be helpful I'm always looking for new ways to make things easier.  TIA!