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  1. I can see why there would be red flags with this kind of design but do you have any specifically that I can bring up in our meeting?
  2. I will attempt your idea. I had originally made the shower wall in curved glass. The customer came back with the contractor and said they want a "store front" like wall. I then made a curved wall with the glass panels and sent it off. They came back and wanted them to be angled like the drawing I attached. The thickness of that wall has to be 4 inches but I am not sure how thick the glass will be. That is for them to determine if it will truly work or not. Thank you for your help!
  3. I attempted to use angled walls but the windows would not go all the way in the corner like I am needing them to. Unless there is a trick that I do not know about, I played with it for hours and this is the closest solution I found.
  4. Hello all.... I feel like I am doing the near impossible but have gotten my plan so close to what we are trying to accomplish. I have a curved shower wall, actually a completely round shower with half of the wall being glass panels that looks similar to store front windows with 2" metal framing. Very modern house. After trial and error, again and again and again I have accomplished what is in the picture attached. I have the windows set to look like glass panels and are mulled together. There is a door in the middle with the same type of framing. As you can see in the attached picture, the top and bottom of the curved wall still shows itself even though my window panels are floor to ceiling. IS THERE ANY WAY TO GET RIDE OF THESE EYE SORES? We started with curved metal framing but our client wants to to be more angled like shown in the picture. I have tried many different ways to show the metal glass framing on the wall but this is the closest I have got. PLEASE HELP! I have Premier 7. (please don't judge the surroundings. still a work in progress.)
  5. "Draw your profile in plan view and rotate to match curve of wall,convert polyline to polyline solid and extrude with thickness setting and set elevation or go back to elevation view and adjust,then paint as required." This is the best solution I have come across. I have done a lot of toying with the program and this seems to work best. The only thing I have yet to figure out is how to connect the vertical trim piece with the horizontal piece and make it look mitered, so for now this is the best I can do. Thanks for everyone's help!
  6. Sorry, I am not experienced with creating new molding profiles. Is there a video I might be able to watch?
  7. I have tried messing with that option but I believe it is giving me issues because it is on a curved wall. I can get the top and bottom pieces to follow the curve but the sides are not facing the correct way. I have gotten them to appear on the other side of the wall but cannot seem to get it flipped.
  8. That is possible, when I draw a straight line up and down in the elevation a line appears but will not let me select it in elevation view, only on the floor plan can I select the dot as it appears.
  9. Needing help... I am trying to create the trim pieces in the image below in Chief Architect Premier X7 on a curved wall similar to the one in the image. I am having difficulty getting 3D polylines to work correctly. Any advice or quick tips?
  10. So it is an option but only for X8?
  11. I guess I just don't have that option?
  12. I have made changes to an elevation and the message pops up asking me to update my layout when I exit. I click yes because I want to see how the layout works with some of my material regions. My question is, is there a way to update the elevation so it makes changes to the layout without having to exit out and reopen the layout?