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X9 Recommended and Required System

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There probably will be very little change. But if getting a new system get the very best you can afford, as minimum is just that the bare minimum.

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my overall recommendations


1. as Graeme stated - get the best you can afford - don't scrimp


2. spend $ on items that can't be upgraded later


3. get as many cores as possible and get an i7 cpu (forget i3 or i5)


4. get an Nvidia video card - best gaming card you can afford

    no need for Quadro card unless other software can benefit from it


5. get a decent power supply - 800w range


6. get at least 8 GB ram - ensure there is room for growth to 16 GB or more


you want a system that will be good for 5 years


personally I despise win10 but that is the top dog now (get PRO - always get PRO)

best to get a PC built for win10


if you really hate it - it is possible to drop back to win 7 PRO

note support for win7 ends in 2020





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