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Hi all,


I am creating a staking plan for the surveyor. I have a lot defined by the property line and inside I have various markers delineating the roof ridges of the building. 


I need to auto dimension the distances from the property line to every marker. I have done it manually but it takes a long time. It still does not look precise. 


Any ideas on how to do the dimensions automatically would be greatly appreciated.





Staking Try.plan

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Timmy, what is it that we are even looking at. Is it a house? Maybe you can shade in the actually building(s) and get rid of the dimensions and repost the plan.

To be honest it scared the bejesus out of me when I opened it up. Not demeaning your drawing but I think there maybe be more dimensions than a person might need.

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Very clear. A page with lines and numbers. Is this a connect the dots game. I love those.


Draw a building footprint if that is what you are trying to dimension to. Besides, would'nt your surveyor use one control point from a corner and work in from there?

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OK Timmy, I stripped it down and can sort of see what's going on but cannot see the building outline thru the roof. Is this a height issue you are dealing with and that's why the surveyor needs dimensions to the roof ridgeline? Help us out here so we can help you. I have read your request several times and cannot figure it out. If the surveyor knows the dimensions around the perimeter of the building(s), like Alan said you only need one control point.

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