I am also having truss roof problems

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I have input the floor plans for a one story residence I measured yesterday. The house has a truss roof.

It's a simple L-shaped floor plan with the garage sticking out in front of the house. 


I am running into 3 problems. 


1. Where the garage roof California frames over the top of the house, the rafters are not showing correctly.

    Chief is only showing small pieces of the rafters and are not continuous from the ridge down to a perpendicular

    rafters below. How do I get the California framing to show correctly?


2. The blocking between the rafters are not sitting on top of the double top plates. They are places off of the wall.

     How do I get the blocking to be placed on top of the double top plates?


3. The blocking between the rafters is also showing as 2 blocks between each truss. How do I get it to show only

    one block between each truss?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.






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Mike,  Cleaned up a few things for you manually, looks a bit better  but needs more and not sure what California code is so hope this helps.

2016-23 cleanup by Chop.plan

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