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Good morning all,


I seem to be having all kinds of trouble with this roof.  Need some help please. I have the existing building drawn and have attached the plan as well as some exterior pics.


Also attaching concept plan which has the addition to the rear of the house.


I want to maintain the front elevation, existing ridge height etc. Rear addition is pulled in 1 foot on each side. just want a simple dormer/shed roof for the attic/upstairs.


All help is greatly appreciated!


Anthony Costanzo,CR 

Leindecker concept 1.plan

Leindecker existing plan.plan




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Anthony,  If this is your first project, you have chosen a small but complicated one.  A low slope shed roof is never an ideal situation but may be your only practical solution here for your needs assuming that the chimney is being decommissioned at this stage of renovation.  Here is a quick mock up of the roof you seem to be describing. Hope this helps as you still have a lot of work to do.


Leindecker concept shed1.plan

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Thank you for the help! No not first project but I was completely stumped on how to draw it in chief. Yes the chimney is being removed and all high efficiency units going in. we are opening up the whole right side of the house for a open floor plan. What i am still confused about is what were the actual steps to create it? just cant get my head around it and I'm sure it is quite simple just I'm missing it.


thank you again!


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Thank you very much for taking the time to make that video! Very helpful! We were going with the shed roof for the head room out the back so we can add additional bathroom and possibly 2 bedrooms. Chopsaw added the "dormer" style roof that will help with the head room and will optimize the usable floor space. I am going to attempt to recreate what you did and hope for the best out come!


Again, thank you both for the help so far!


Anthony Costanzo, CR

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