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I am, and have been, a kitchen designer for a really long time.  I do incorporate quite a bit of remodeling into my designs and Chief has been excellent for my needs.


I have recently been working with a client who's 'architectural designer' left them high and dry on their whole-house remodel.  I was initially hired to design a kitchen and 3-1/2 baths; in stepping in to help shepherd the project through to completion, I've found myself essentially re-designing the first floor and using Chief in ways I am not very well versed in. 


In order words, I am having problems with a roof :wacko: I don't ordinarily have to do them, can accomplish simple ones but it's rare that I need to.


Please see the attached jpg - I think I've managed to get most of the roof done correctly (did it manually) but you can see the missing section - I can't for the life of me figure out how to add in the area indicated in red.  There will be a cheek because the ridge of the garage (which is the section on the lower left) is lower than the rest of the house. 


If someone can give me some direction on how to add in the missing roof piece I would so appreciate it.  Please excuse me for asking such an elementary question, I'm sure it's probably very simple but I'm just not getting it!





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Try it this way. The way you are showing it is sending water to the wall in a big bad way.


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Thank you Alan - I do see your point. 


I was given this front elevation detail to work with, so was trying to make it work in Chief and came across the funky roof situation.


(I originally imported this as a dwg file but have done all the elevations, etc. myself)





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If you post the plan, it should be very easy to build that roof automatically which would save a lot of time and effort.


I see that the roof on the elevation you posted does not match up with what Alan is suggesting.

Do you want the roof as per the elevation you posted (which would result from your initial sketch - and not an ideal solution as Alan pointed out), or as per Alan's sketch - which is how you would normally build it if it was a new house.

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seems some thing like this. though your request needs to be some more clear to exactly help.



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