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OK....hopefully I'm just missing a setting somewhere. I have my camera view options set as they were in X7


I take a full camera view of an interior........same 2 story plan, same view, one opened in X7 one in X8.

I select the mouse pan icon. In X7 I can pan  the camera view from below the house to above the house and side to side outside one end, through and out the other.


In X8 I can pan what amounts to about 4 or 5 feet in either direction.


I've tried changing the new "perspective crop mode" but it does nothing.


I thought maybe it was because the plan was created in a previous version, but same on a new plan created in X8.



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I rarely use the Pan camera but it seems to function for me in X8 just as you describe in X7. If you would like to post your camera settings I will compare them to mine if you like.

P.S. Looks like your signature could use an update.

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So, I'm the only one having this problem? It's driving me crazy as I pan a lot while in camera view.

Worst part is, it seems to be intermittent, so unlikely a setting I'm missing?.................maybe? 


Sorry, I don;t know what to tell you.  Like Chopsaw I rarely use that tool but I just tested and it seems to work just fine to me.  I always just use the center mouse button to pan the camera. 


The only thing I can think of is maybe change your Field Of View Setting to a smaller number. 

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