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  1. Fairhaven_Homes

    Fairhaven Homes

    Middleburg Custom Home
  2. Fairhaven_Homes

    Structural Sizing (Beams, Joists, etc.)

    We use https://www.steelbeamcalculator.com/ for steel beams. I think it's $50 a year. You get a clean calculation sheet for each beam on a PDF to attach to the plans for review. It's also passed on to the folks who design my floors and roof trusses. They do an additional check. As far as wood structural members the folks who sell the components design and document the beams for me. We've done it this way for years. No guessing no "hope it works"
  3. Fairhaven_Homes

    Room Labels

    Thanks Joe, Seems like a simple thing
  4. Fairhaven_Homes

    Room Labels

    I reguarly use room names not listed in the room type and label. Like-pantry, foyer, breakfast room. Is there a way to set up or add rooms to the list.
  5. Fairhaven_Homes

    Door Label Font Size

    Thank you
  6. Fairhaven_Homes

    Door Label Font Size

    Can someone give me a quick lesson in increasing the font size on my door labels.
  7. Fairhaven_Homes

    Upgrading From 9.54 And Need New Computer Advice...

    Consider off the shelf gaming computers from Acer or Asus. They have the horsepower to run Chief and the price is hard to beat. Windows 8.1 still has some minor issues . Try to keep your MS Office suite if you have it Office 13 has major issues especially Outlook
  8. Fairhaven_Homes

    Estimates From Existing Drawings

    PlanSwift is great for counting framing lumber, roofing, concrete and drywall. Windows, doors and detailed parts not so much. If properly input Chief is fantastic for counting windows and doors and inputting the schedules into Excel for placing detailed orders. Chief could and should have a better way to create a comprehensive take off like plan swift. If a floor is comprised of a basic 9’wall and wall framing is built why can’t CA tell me how plates and 104 5/8 studs I need? Instead I spend another $1000 on the PS software and more time to get my bids done properly
  9. Fairhaven_Homes


    I've seen a few renderings with humans/avatars. Any idea where I can find them for a presentation I'm putting together?
  10. Fairhaven_Homes

    Typical hourly rate

    We have a design-build program that charges $110 per hour in Northern VA. When it began we charged $50 during the solw down years 2007-11. We make money on designs but the real reason for the fee is weeding out clients that don't want to pay for services. We've had clients eat up weeks of our time pricing internet homes and as soon as you ask for a dime the're gone so we started handing out the design agreement at the first meeting setting the tone as a serious business. I want the client to respect my time and efforts and we'll treat them and their family like gold. Otherwise we'd prefer they move on....