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  1. I use Point to Point all the time - so I set up a "Hot Key" for it using "PP". Now I just select the object with my mouse (right hand) and hit PP with my left hand and away I go!
  2. Kudo's to Gawdzira for a great illustrated step-by-step explaination. Sometimes I can't follow others descriptions of the solutions with too many abreviations or options to choose without knowing which dbx (dialog box) I need to be in! Thanks for the slow motion version for us "old timers" :-)
  3. Thanks everyone for the help - the "Hide Terrain Intersected by Building" does the trick. And I had assumed a polyline solid would be the trick to fix the siding.
  4. I've run into this problem before and never found the solution. I have an architectural detail that is a bumped out wall which has a raised floor sort of like a window seat. I built it as a room with a raised floor and do not have a foundation under it. . The siding below the bump out is not showing and also there is a hole in the terrain as if there was to be a foundation - see the attached image. I don't see anything in the Room dbx that would suggest a way to solve this and I'm not certain why the siding isn't showing. I just did a quick test on a basic room and had the same terrain problem but not the siding issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated :-) Bend ACTIVE Plan