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  1. I am struggling with a couple of things and would appreciate some help. 1. I am trying to render 12x24 tile in a staggered joint configuration. I can't find any symbols in the materials libraries that have this type of symbol. I know that I can enlarge a 3x6 subway tile and use this, but are there any other options? 2. When I try to render a floor (and sometimes a wall) patterned material - such as tile or wood plank flooring - in the vector or line drawing view, it will NOT render in the direction that I tell it to. Even if I've changed the direction of the material in the "select material, edit", to 90 degrees, when I go to a 3-d view, it changes it back to the default. HELP! 3. If I put a tile on a wall, it gives me a sliver of tile at the top and side, and doesn't fill up the area with full tiles, even if the area is sized for full tiles. Thank you
  2. I am working on a drawing for a client and need to show the inside of the cabinet lit up, with a shelf and objects. So far, I've tried dropping in puck lights, recessed lights and under cabinet lights, setting the height from the ceiling and customizing the lumens. All I get is a drab, barely-there glow. Any ideas?