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  1. linChief 
    Are you still on the site? I found your advice for installing V 10 on a Windows 10 computer but the link for the Aladin key drivers is no longer any good. 
    I upgraded to CAX12 and LOVE it. But I have hundreds of plans drawn in V10 (waited 15 years to upgrade because I was afraid I'd lose my huge number of house plans). 
    I was told they would open in the new version, and indeed they will. But they are not usable because some of the materials that were in my use libraries over the years are obsolete. 
    What I'd like to do is load my old Chief V10 on my new computer and fix the materials in those plans before I try to import them. 
    I was excited to see your post on how to use CA V10 under Windows 10, but I must have that key driver. 
    Thanks, Ginger Carter Patterson (Chief user since 1994) 

  2. Just wanted to share some installation instructions for the older Chief Architect 10 on newer Windows OS, including Windows 10 without using a virtual machine. The instructions are the same for each OS. Here are the steps to follow to install Chief Architect 10: 1. Install Chief 10 normally Note: during the install it will complain about not being able to install the Aladdin Device driver - just click OK. 2. Download and install the Chief Architect 10.08b Full Update for Windows Vista (works with Windows 7/8/10) Note: during the update it will complain about not being able to install the Aladdin Device driver just click ok. 3. A) Download and install the following HASP USB Key driver. Sentinel HASP/LDK - Windows GUI Run-time Installer – required for HASP4 API older than v8.0 3. Optional - One user had a standalone key (Gray Label), that said "SafeNet Sentinel" on it and had to download and install a different USB Key driver: Sentinel Driver v7.5.9 Sentinel SuperPro, UltraPro SentinelPro, SHK From: 4. Finish installation on first run of Chief - Right-click on Chief Architect 10 icon and choose "run as administrator". Note: Right-click on the Chief icon and choosing to "run as administrator" for first run, this is not needed after finishing setup during the first run. 5. If it asks you when it starts up to check for updates for Chief, select No or Cancel since we've already done that by downloading the latest (and last) update for Cheif 10 in step 2 above. Enjoy your version of Chief Architect 10 on Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7.