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  1. Doing restore point didn't do anything. I REALLY hate downloading the entire catalog all over again.
  2. When I left last night my computer did a windows update. I started up this morning and I lost half my Core, my Bonus, and Manufacturer Catalogs. Rebooted, no good. Ran Chief as Administrator, no good. But my User Library is here. I'm going to try a system restore point.
  3. I did notice late last night that exporting a jpg or png of the plan results in very poor quality. You have to Save to PDF, open in Photoshop, save as jpg. Then do all your mentioned steps. It helps to over-emphasize all the line weights otherwise it doesn't look right, it comes out too light. Thanks for responding guys.
  4. Wow that's weird. I just found this article published by Chief two days ago......but not what I was looking for.
  5. A little off topic, but does anyone know how you can create a tilted blueprint image of one of your own projects, like a set of plans laid out on a table. I want to superimpose a 3d rendering of a project over the blueprints for a marketing project. Similar to what's attached. I understand I'll have to add the 3d house design in photoshop, but how to you get the blueprint image to show as a 2d flat perspective. I know some programs can actually tilt your plans into a perspective and still be editable. I haven't done this since I was using Vectorworks.
  6. I was hoping for almost instant. I know the old shaded rendered took a little while to compile, but they had crisp lines. Raytraces are a waste of time for me. I don't get paid enough to invest that amount of time.
  7. I switched 2 or 3 years ago. In a word, YES, YES, YES, YES. And one more time, YES. Chief has been SO important to my office now for both residential and commercial. I would NEVER EVER look back.
  8. I used to love the final shed renders that had the really crisp shadow lines. You can still get those if you use the Legacy Shadows check box in the Render Preferences, but how can you get REALLY close to those crisp lines with the newer X6 Render Preferences?. What settings do you use for the almost instant shade/shadow. I hate the soft blurry shadows and hate even more the blurry shadows with jaded triangles. I thought I had it figured out because it worked on one drawing but now it doesn't.
  9. Tech support said last week this is a known bug. The program searches for the text as a block. It compares it to other blocks and takes the first one that fits it's "size" criteria. It doesn't look at the text. They suggested I go through all my text blocks and make them appear larger or smaller for the program to see it correctly? That sounds like crap. That would mean my detail library would act the same way, but it's fine. Anyone else use their User Library to store notes, and they aren't placing correctly? Normally I would reinstall CA, but this is happening on three computers now. AND IT WAS NOT an issue on X5, therefore it's not a known bug, but maybe a new bug to X6.
  10. Doug's right. The text is placing completely wrong. I'll select text for a 10" foundation wall and instead it will place a note for foundation rigid insulation board (just an example of many). I spent 3 hours at home late last night copying all the notes to MSWord and then placing them individually back into the user library. When I went to export those new librarys so I could take them to the office for importing onto the office machines, the program crashed repeatedly. I had to try a few times. On some, I had to break the exports into 10 notes at a time. We imported them onto the office computers this morning and they still are wrong and corrupted. I'm going to call Tech support on Wednesday afternoon.
  11. We have noticed a problem with X6 on three separate computers. The notes we import and place from our User Library do not import correctly. I'll select a note for 8" concrete block, it previews correctly in the Library Browser, but when placed is imports a totally different not. I have deleted the library and reimported the notes from an older X5 version which worked correctly, but it still occurs. Anyone else notice this?
  12. I am running Windows 8 with an add on called Classic Shell. I built my own system 4 months ago with almost the exact specs you mentioned for around $2100. See my signature. Right now I am building a new system with the top notch i7 4960X Extreme but all the other specs will be basically the same. It's a lot easier then I thought it would be. The SD makes boot up and Chief load up very fast. I would have loved a system with a dual Xeon setup, but who can afford that on the salaries we make? And SLI or Crossfire isn't supported yet by Chief so there is no reason for multiple video cards yet. Good luck.