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  1. I am watching the Schedules and What's Coming Next Video and have discovered that I may be missing some default sets. All of the other videos and articles on the site concerning dimensions, layers, and sets all show the same Defaults Sets dbx in the Default Settings tab. I do not have these. I only have the 1/4" Scale Default Set. Are they truly missing or do I have to create each of them? The Understanding Default Sets video says they "ship with out-of-the-box template plans in Chief" - which I see but how do I get them into my current plan? Also, the 1/4" Scale
  2. I use the grid...sometimes. I find it most useful when I'm looking at small increments but can't be bothered to take a dimension i.e. to see if how much room I have between a cabinet and window/door framing. It's just easier for me to zoom up and take a look. I also have a better sense of the space with the grid on when I am in the first stages of a plan. (I'm pretty visual and room dimensions don't really have any physical meaning for me.) Now that I've stopped moving walls, they are turned off.
  3. Thanks. Just watched and followed along on my own plan.
  4. Hello, As skazz 44 mentioned on the Q&A forum (Plan View vs Annotation Sets vs Layers), the differences between Plan Views, Annotation Sets, and Layer Sets is not at all clear. I've watched the training videos but I am not at all sure how they work together or, indeed, when I should be using them and for what. It's frustrating because I think these features would really help me. Thanks!
  5. I'm a new X12 user and, frankly, all these are immensely confusing. I watched the vids but left more confused than I started. The above summaries are helpful, and have been printed out, but I think most of us could still use a really good video. Excuse me while I go to the Suggestions forum.... Thank you skoz44 for bringing this up! I don't feel so alone anymore.
  6. I have a problem with materials disappearing. it just happened today with my kitchen cabinet color - I had them a paint color from one of the manufacturer's catalogs yesterday and today they have a completely different file name that does not exist in my plan or library. (The material says Texture Missing but, mysteriously, the color hasn't changed in camera view.) i had hoped that upgrading to X12 from HD Pro2020 would fix this issue. I always save my files before closing so this isn't an issue of me just being careless because I am super paranoid about losing work done.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I couldn't get the Load Muntin tool to appear. In desperation, I closed it all down, drank some coffee, made offerings of dandelion flowers to the squee baby bunnies under my porch and restarted the computer. Viola. There it is. When in doubt, reinitialize the power coupling. And don't offend the aforementioned squee bunnies. Thanks again. I'm sure it won't be too long before I annoy everyone with my ramblings....
  8. Solver, thanks for the quick reply. I'm not trying to create my own muntins; I want to use the ones provided in the Library. I've seen that in the help file but where, and how, do I get the Load Muntins tool to appear??? I can't find it anywhere and I've looked everywhere i can think of. I've selected windows in plan, elevation, and camera views and the Load Muntin tool does not appear as the help article indicates it should. Blah! I've spent almost an hour trying to figure this out and I'm getting frustrated and I think it's time for dinner.
  9. I have a palladian window in my design and I found some Custom Muntins in the core library in the Windows folder. However, I can't figure out how to apply them to...anything. I looked in X12 Help but it just gives instructions on how to make custom muntins. I can "add" them to windows in elevation views but they don't appear in camera or plan views so I don't know what they are doing and what I am doing wrong. Any insight is appreciated.
  10. Alt 0176 gets you the degree symbol ° Don't know if that's useful but....there ya go.
  11. IIRC, Autocad 14 displayed what is was undoing as we undid stuff. I thought it was brilliant. And that was in, like, 1991. Gods, I'm old...
  12. Just tried deleting the top window and sticking a new one next to the lower window and moving it up and over. Viola!! It worked! Thanks so much for the good advice.
  13. Thank you for the replies and advice. I used the tool to mull the front door / window. That works fine. The icon is missing from the edit toolbar, circled in red, when I group select two windows, which I have done in the image below. I've also attached the relevant part of my plan file. Unfortunately, I don't know if this was a problem prior to the update yesterday. Plan File.plan
  14. Thanks to all for the suggestions. I have moved the windows much closer together and the mull icon is still missing. GeneDavis, I haven't gotten that error message. I also changed the Minimum Separation in the Windows default to 1/8" as suggested in the Reference Manual. No dice. It might not matter but the program updated yesterday before I started trying to mull things together. (Again, windows above doors work just fine.) I will attach the plan later today. Thanks again!
  15. No. They are both located on the same floor.