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  1. I could have sworn that I used to be able to select an object and the Active Layer Display Options Panel would Filter to show only the layers of the objects selected. Now this is no longer the case for me. Was I imaging this or did I turn something off? If possible, how do I turn that feature back on?
  2. Cool Thanks. I had never worked with that tool. I've attached what I needed it for... I really appreciate it!
  3. Can I get some hints? Is there a library available? Or What is the best way in Chief to build Timber Frame Trusses? Something like what I have in the attached photos:
  4. Hi Chris, I have already returned the M1 MacBook to my client. I can however do similar comparisons of Standard and Vector from my iMac if you would like?
  5. A client of mine purchased a new Apple MacBook Pro with an M1 chip and asked me to set it up for him. So while I had it, I thought I would run some tests to compare 3D performance on it between X12 and X13. While the motion performance is better in X13, the clarity is considerably blurred and dull looking. It's almost like X13 puts a matte finish to it making reflections and reflective surfaces appear washed out. Interestingly the camera image rendered nearly twice as fast in X12 as compared to X13. But once rendered in X13 I could move around in it with more fluidity than in X12. Perhaps I am in the minority with my preferences, but I prefer the faster rendering and clarity in X12 to the fluid motion of X13, and so am sticking with X12 for now. I have recorded the experience here, and welcome comments:
  6. I have purposely not looked at the list of X13 upgrades, so fortunatly I don't know what I am missing. However, I am paid up with my SSA and so am somewhat irritated that I cannot upgrade to X13 since it would be an unacceptable downgrade in rendering quality. I hope they choose to fix this.
  7. All backup material and comparative image files relevant to this post are located here and updated periodically: You are welcome to view the various image comparisons made by myself as well as others in this forum. You are also welcome to download the plan and work with the settings. Since I as well as others have been unable to do so thus far, I look forward to seeing if and how you are able to generate a 3D image in either vector, standard or physical render formats out of X13 that have the same level of definition and clarity as I am able to produce in X12. Thanks for taking the time to try.
  8. Attached is the current configuration of the active light set for the Kitchen on Camera 3 which was saved and used to take those screen shots. To get rid of the glow in the original shots I posted at the beginning of this post, I lowered the rope lights in the cabinets to .25 lumens which appear as 0. I also am burning lights in the adjacent living room and hallway. Let me know if you see anything I've done incorrectly or if you have suggestions. Thanks.
  9. Actually they are turned on. In X13 though for some reason they appear off. Here are 2 more screenshots taken from the same file, same saved camera, no settings changed when opening the camera between the two app versions. I was also able to get rid of the light bleed in the ceiling from before, but not sure what I did. In the X12 shot the pendants are on and appear on. Clarity and definition appears sharp. Stainless steel shines more, countertop reflections are showing. In the X13 shot the pendants are on but appear off. Clarity and definition appears dull and blurred. Stainless steel finishes are dull, countertop washed out with no reflections. Considering I changed none of the settings between the two app versions, while I do like the way X13 rendered the metal on the pendants better than in X12, I prefer everything else in the X12 render. But again that is my preference and I am wondering what peoples preferences are when viewing the two renders.
  10. I worked for about 30 min to get rid of the "glow" leak. There are lights in those cabinets and they are tight against the ceiling, but the leak won't go away. And yes it is too dark but that was because I was turning down lights to try and get rid of the glow... At some point I'll spend more time on working with exposure and other stuff.
  11. I'm not Raytracing; PBR in X12 works fine for me. X13 however, for me, produces dull, grainy, output with poor definition. X13 output reminds me of what I see when I remove my glasses, blurred stuff... The first image was a physically based render from X12 the second was physically based render from X13. Exact camera settings no changes just open file and open camera view. While both renders took only seconds on my iMac. My point is, I prefer the 1st render to the 2nd. The 2nd appears blurry and washed out to me. I want to use X13 but cannot because the rendering output looks terrible to me in comparison. As far as David's suggestion earlier I have spent hours playing with lighting and textures in X13 and I can't get X13 output to come near the output I'm able to achieve just by pointing a camera and clicking in X12. As for Gawdzira's X13 render, while it looks realistic enough, it still makes me want to reach for my glasses so I can see see more definition... Oh wait.... I'm wearing my glasses. LOL. I too have opened a ticket with support, but I am simply attempting to ascertain here what others think as far as which image they feel is the better representation. Maybe I will need to accept that the general preference is the one I consider to be the blurred, grainy, washed out output, and change my thinking on it?
  12. Which attached rendering option is visually preferable to you? 1 or 2?
  13. Rather than hijack this thread to discuss X13 vs X12 3D performance, I have started a new thread for this: And so we may continue here-in to dedicate the topic of conversation to that of the M1 chip performance...
  14. SITUATION: X13 3D renders, when compared to X12, appear blurred, washed out, less vibrant in quality and the vector renders have excessive line weights in X13 Rather than hijack a previous topic thread, I am starting this topic as a result of a side conversation that emerged here-in: It appears that there are others experiencing this same issue, and so I thought I would begin this here in it's own topic thread. Here is a Dropbox link to image and video files (generated on both a i9 and M1 Pro Max chips) depicting the issue: As a note, I have already opened a support case with Chief Technical Support and they have graciously offered to look into it: If anyone else is noticing lesser quality output with 3D rendering in X13 as compared to X12, perhaps we can share our experience and thoughts here as well as with support towards a workable solution.
  15. Very helpful. Thank you so much! I'm extremely impressed with the performance/speed of how it handled. Do your fans even run at all? As for the output, I see that your renders basically look the same as mine did from X13. I just prefer the vividness, clarity, and sharpness of the 3D output that I got from X12 as compared to what we are able to produce from X13.
  16. Hi I saw your post. I am considering upgrading from my 2019 iMac to the MacBook Pro M1 Max. I am having difficulty getting clean 3D rendering output from my iMac 2019 after upgrading from X12 to X13. X12 renders on my iMac looked great, X13 renders are blurry and washed out. I have opened a support ticket, but I am wondering if perhaps with the upgrades to the graphics performance from X12 to X13 that this has somehow revealed some limitations with the current graphics card on my iMac that is degrading 3D performance output in X13. And so, after seeing this thread, I was wondering if you would be willing to share with me 5 minutes of your time and take a look at my .plan file on your M1 Max and do just two quick things: Open the two camera views I have and screen shot just the standard, vector and physical outputs for me? Screen record a single aerial birdseye spin around the home via mouse to let me know how fluid the performance is? I'd like to see how they compare to the render files I have in this Dropbox folder: If you would be willing and are able, I would be most appreciative. Kind Regards,
  17. I managed to finagle it. I found where this has been discussed before. I am just surprised that there is not simple tick mark in the wall settings somewhere to tell Chief NOT to snap a wall if you want to. Seems like a simple development over-sight that ought to be added. No matter. I've managed.
  18. I am trying to get the help-wall to come out another inch or two to line up with the red line on the floor. But it keeps snapping back into place to join the connecting shower wall. The shower walls are currently set to No Room Definition. I just want the wall snapping to stop for the half wall. Is that possible?
  19. Is there any way to prevent 2 walls from connecting when joined? I need 2 walls to join but I need 1 to jutt out past the other by about an inch or two, but when they get that close they keep connecting and resizing each other in order to snap to one and other. I just want to be able to manually control the length of a wall without it being smarter than me.
  20. Okay so I managed to get PBR to remain stable in X13 long enough to get an Exterior 3D view of a house I am working on... I've attached 2 screenshots looking from relatively the same vantage point... Comparing the 2 attached views... I personally prefer the X12 PBR. It has greater definition and looks crisp and more vibrant as compared to the X13 which seems somewhat blurred and "dull". Even the Glass looks more realistic to me in the X12 PBR version. But perhaps my definition of what is better does not meet the consensus world view??? Which view do you all prefer?
  21. I am disappointedly finding X13 unusable. Standard 3D views appear somewhat "dull" as compared to X12 which is crisp. I too am seeing stainless steel as white. And, PBR is frequently throwing internal errors as follows: An internal rendering error has occurred (assertion failure): !"Unknown exception caught in Astral::update", resulting in me having to Force Quit the application.
  22. When I turn on a reference display, all I see are walls doors and bath fixtures below... How do I add other components to show up in a reference display?