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  1. I sent a comment to you regarding the price of the license you were willing to sell. I haven't heard anything from you. Could you give me another way to communicate with you?
  2. Is there any chance you would sell for $1450? I am an old v10 user.
  3. I have a floorplan for a residential customer who wishes to execute the build in Martin County. I am not prepared to deal with that county's building department in the development of a full construction set. I am looking for a party that deals in that county who might be willing to work for my customer. I could set up a connection.
  4. I have a small house with gable ends. There is a screen room about 10 feet wide centered on the back that I want it to be a shed roof at a shallower pitch that the main house. The main house is 6/12 pitch. I want the screemroom to be a 3/12 pitch. I am having trouble getting the autoroof to create it like I want. I am using the Chief 10 version. The tutorial does not specifically talk about how to do that.
  5. This version will not uninstall. my system process goes all the way through execution of the remove program and even tells me that it has been removed but when I go back to loot at the drive it is still there. Any suggestions.