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  1. Micheal,

    I have a question and without a lot of silly answers from others I thougtht I would just ask you since you are the Guru in my eyes.  I just got feedback from the planning dept. on a project that I am working on and it brought up a question that I have not had a chance to make this type of change in CA as of yet.  I have created a floor plan for an attached guest house but not I need to reflect the plan so the entrance is on the opposite side.  How do I take everything that I have on the addition and flip it without doing the whole plan itself?  I am at a loss as I have the perfect plan just want to flip the addition.

    Thanks for any help you can give.


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    2. Alaskan_Son


      Hey Chris, I haven’t had to do that myself, but I’m thinking your best bet is to very carefully draw a polyline that perfectly encloses just the addition, select the polyline and then WITH THE POLYLINE SELECTED, activate the appropriate Edit Area tool and copy, reflect, and then optionally paste/hold position to replace the original stuff (might be best to carefully delete that stuff one item at a time just to be safe).  Will probably still require some cleanup though.

    3. cjanderson66


      Thanks Michael.  What I did is similar.  I ended up turning all the layers off except for the main layer walls and then converting it to a cad detail and flipping it so I have the same wall layout.  I then deleted all my walls of the addition and just retraced them over the cad detail.  I could not figure any other way then that.  Still saved me some time but looks as if I have other problems none related to Chief...  Thanks again for your answer as you are the GoTo Guru.


    4. Alaskan_Son