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  1. Grainy shadow map in PBR X15 Even the large circle shadows should not be there (look the CPU below) To achieve similar illumination, water self illumination must be cranked up to 300.000lum in CPU X15 The backdrop less then 0,1 in CPU is not possible and still to bright.
  2. Kbird1, many, many thanks. a) have done it and the real novelty for the PBR is the Denoiser. Top. But, the lights calculation in CPU vs PBR are still off. Still no shadows for 2D images, eg plants in PBR. The shadows in PBR still often no-go. b) you missed it, the sun with extra LUM was a entry to achieve similar light brightness falling on the floor in CPU render, to be as in PBR c) yes, I done that already, as it was in the CA tutorials.
  3. Hi there, I was looking for a solution and found it. So, here the detailed additional info for other users: - enter the value "%internal_area.round(2)% m2" in the "edit/default settings/floors and room/room label/text" for as per *.plan basis or - enter the value "%internal_area.round(2)% m2" in the"cad/text/text macro management/new" as new general macro "Area with m2" This you can then enter in default settings again or in "Living Area Polyline" Uncheck Active View "Rooms Interior Area" and/or "Rooms Standard Area", to avoid double values. Hope this helps someone further. Regards. Some screenshots and Marco itself: Area with m2.json
  4. Kbird1, many thanks, will check. But, PBR is not showing shadows for 2D images (plants etc) and has it's issues. Same goes for CPU RT. Looks they have bugs. It would also be a pain to export the scenes to e.g. 3DS max.
  5. TeaTime, many thanks. But, CA should have these differences calculate by itself. Consantly guessing or having double light sets, is producing massive pain. Regards.
  6. Hi there, I have set outdoor lights as in real life and tuned general sun and backdrop illumination as in CA tutorials. But the outdoor lights (car headlights and street light in my scene) are massively different in PBR vs CPU raytrace (and Standard view as well). I have tweeked every single "lights/sun/exposure/backdrop" option, but with no success to set "one entry" lights strength, to achieve similar illumination in PBR and CPU raytrace. Example: In PBR Headlights are 1.200lum and Streetlight 30.000lum and everything looks fine, but to achieve the similar result in CPU and Standard view, I must multiply the lights strength 35x fold (by guesswork). Image no.1 and no.6 is what I'm looking for, but with "one strength setting". Aghrrrrrrr! The goal is to have rough feeling of a illumination in "Standard view" while modeling, then to adjust it in "PBR", and finally to render it in "CPU raytrace" (PBR is not producing shadows for the images etc). Otherwise, It's all pain to proceed with the work. Please advise. I'm using W10+X13+RTX2060