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  1. I am not sure how to finish these and my local building department will require drawings more detailed then what I can build in my version of "Home Designer Architectural 2014". I am trying to see what the cost would be to get these plans converted to finished drawings that I can submit to the building department for my permit. I have a builder that will be doing the foundation and shell of the house and I will be finishing the rest. This home will have scissor trusses over the great room and kitchen/dinning. The rest of the house will have attic trusses. The main house will sit on a 9 foot tall basement and the main floor is 9ft walls. The garage has 12ft walls. The local ground snow load is 40lbs and the wind load is 85 mph. And I believe our frost line is 24 inches. The lot sits on a semi-level hill top that has about a 9% grade sloping down from the flatter section is my rough estimate. I have not finished electrical or plumbing on the software, but I do have a design file I can send if that will help. I am mainly looking for a ball park of what it would cost to finish this design and prepare a take off list and drawings for the building permit.