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  1. I was looking more for Chief Architect components, like CAD drawings of clips and channels. I ended up drawing my own from the manufacturer's spec pages because I wasn't finding pre-made blocks that could be dropped into my sections.
  2. Hi there! Have any of you made detail drawings for acoustic walls? I'm looking for detail components for decoupling hardware, resilient channels etc. I'm using Chief Architect x14. Thanks for your help!
  3. Hi Team, I'd appreciate your help solving a couple of problems: Software: Chief Architect Premier X13 Topic 1: Base cabinet is being partially cut from view Topic 2: This is a remodel--the removed wall has been hidden from view but the walls, floor and ceiling are still showing the outline of the wall. Thanks for your help!
  4. Ok, confirmed that the framing layer is marked as framing, per Charles' suggestion. Removing the paint layer didn't solve the problem. The wall closest to the camera was inside of a previously defined room--once I aligned that wall with the room boundaries, the problem was solved. Thanks for your suggestions, everyone!
  5. Hi there, Looking for guidance on how to make drywall wrap around the ends of interior walls. After reading suggestions from other posts on the same topic, I've tried adding a 1/32" wall layer of paint to the outer side of the walls: Didn't work. I tried using the Edit Wall Layer tool to drag the wall locator to the edge, past the framing: Didn't work. I really wish Chief Architect would fix this issue--I've seen other similar comments, going back several years. I'm using Chief Architect Premier X13 now. Thanks for your help!
  6. DJP, I have appreciated your comments about this topic in another discussion and I will NOT be rotating the house in plan view, per your advice; in fact, I made this mistake once and had to scrap my project and start over. So, I've rotated the terrain and North Pointer, but I'm not getting the results I'm hoping for. My plan is currently oriented so west, rather than north, is at the top of the page. I can rotate the whole kit and caboodle in layout, but my annotations won't rotate along with it. Clearly, I'll be doing things differently in the future, but I'm hoping to fix the mess I'm in. It seems like it *should* be simple...but maybe it isn't.
  7. Hi there, I need to rotate my whole floor plan to show north as 'up' on the page. I think I need to do this by rotating the terrain, but I'm not having luck. Thanks for your advise! I'm currently using Chief Architect x11.
  8. Thanks for your replies. I'm using X11. The attached elevation used the Technical Illustration rendering technique.
  9. Hi there! I'm looking for tips on how to make the graphics in my elevations look more crisp and CAD-like. They currently look fuzzy. Thanks!