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  1. Eric, Thank you for the help. I used gsub!. Keith
  2. I started adding abbreviations to the beginning of my CAD Details, Cameras and Sections in an attempt to keep some sort of order. For example “SC##” are schedules, “DF##” are foundation details and so on. When I send a CAD detail, Camera or Section, I use “slice” to remove the first 6 characters from the name. I would like to eliminate the 6 character limit and search for “- “ to determine how many to strip. This will allow me use any number of characters I need. I’ve tried the following and can get the “index” to return the correct number, but the “slice” doesn’t evaluate. Can this be done as I have above? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Keith
  3. You can try this website. https://architextures.org/
  4. Noticed this happens in the Code column also.
  5. These are the Pot & Pan Organizer and Sliding Shelf inserts based on Timberlake Cabinets. Should work with any cabinets. Keith Timberlake Inserts.calibz
  6. Just finished talking with Tech. If you have multiple moniters, you have to change all of them to 100% scaling, close X14 and reopen. This worked on my system.
  7. Sorry for not making my question clear. I understand that i can supress the labels and that's what i did on my plan. Why do I need to suppress the labels when my fixture schedule specifies callout only? If I select label & callouts or labels only, the display is correct. But when I select callouts only, the dw label is still visible/ Is this because it is in a cabinet? Other appliances in a cabinet seem to work
  8. I want to suppress the label and have just the callout.
  9. Had a similar issue with X14 Beta that was a bug, were the fixture labels had to be suppressed for callouts to work. This plan is using the default X14 template. The fixture schedule is set to show callouts, everything works except dishwashers. What am I missing? Thanks in advance for help. Keith DW CALLOUT.zip
  10. Attached is the reduced plan. Keith Dimension Issue.zip
  11. Eric, When i zipped the file it was larger than 14mb. I'll narrow the drawing down to just the wall and submit.
  12. When I pull a dimension from the bottom of the microwave to the top of the oven, the dimension isn't showing. Still shows the drag handles foir the dims. Seems to be an issue with my microwave (Mfr JennAir) since the oven deminsions correctly. Thanks, Keith
  13. Just looked at your stuff, nice.
  14. Need an Old Smokey style of grill for an outdoor kitchen. Looked on 3D warehouse, but couldn’t find anything close. Thanks in advance.
  15. Make you line invisible under the Callout Label Specification.
  16. Brent, I purchased two of these a couple years ago and haven’t had any issues. ViewSonic VP3268-4K 32-Inch
  17. I’m a big fan of This Old House. This made me laugh when the host, Steve Thomas, did a story on the latest for visualizing a space. Cost, $1,000 for 2-3 printed pictures. November 1991 Season 13, episode 11 “The Wayland House”
  18. Barton, That's the cure. I knew it had to be something simple. Thanks for the help. Keith
  19. I am adding several offices in a large room that has a suspended ceiling. The office walls will be 8ft and open above that. Right now I have the walls defined as a pony wall with the lower wall as a Interior-4, 8ft high, and the upper has a blank wall created from air. When I create a camera view, the suspended ceiling is cut from the blank wall going to the full ceiling height. Right now I do not have a roof built so it is easy to see. I've tried a half wall (solid railing) that works except when I add a door, there is no header and the casing goes the full 8ft height. Added a soffit above the door frame does not help, the casing still goes to the top of the wall. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, The ceiling is about 20ft high with the suspended ceiling at 12ft.