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  1. Chief Architect x7, Cannot get post from going thru roof on 8' porch. Also the rear 14 ft porch gable up above is showing some of the baseline hanging down below ceiling. can anyone help me with these issues? I have only been doing ca for around 6 months.
  2. 1. The gable above the 12 ft porch at roof is going intor first first floor ceilng. It also needs to fit a 2'6"x4' window in the gable. Be open to living room. Trying to match attach picture. 2. I cannot get the 12 ft and 8' Porch roofs to angle up and catch the main gable roofs fascias. The main roof is going below celings of porches. I would appreciate any help. Marburger.plan
  3. What is best Elevation way for layout so when printed to black and white materials of sidilng, brick, and stone show up. wheather perpective or exterior wall elevations. When I move to layout in color, it is blurred when sent to printer.
  4. stair to basement is not showing on ground floor plan, but when I do a floor perpective is shows.
  5. i HAVE CHEIF ARCHITECT X7 when I do a cross section or floor perpective it shows living foyer raised above the rest of the ground level I have a basement. first one I have done. How can I correct this issue? Also the house and garage seem like they are floating not conecting to foundation or grade. Would appreciate any help assp. Trying to have ready for client to come over and pick up mid afternoon. Newell Cheatheam Newell's Designs 281.392.3034 Holton.Billy.plan
  6. Gable Above Entry is surpose to continue above to top of right 2 windows of house like attached jpeg elevation picuture. I cannot get it to do it. Opening showed on left side of small gable & Right brick wall column shows wd, needs removed Right side of House has post 3' off property line on first level and 5 rt off property line for bldg on second level. Need to close in btm of eave of small roof on right side of porte-co-chere so cannot see joists. Beam below 2nd floor spanning across the driveway below needs to be premfg brick w/o beam showing. Thanks, if anyone can helpp. Attached is file of project. Newell Cheatheam 713.385.3622 Waltz.James.Elizabeth 10.2015.plan
  7. Here is plan zipped. Just figured how to upload it. Frank.Peterek 54
  8. I have a home that was finished with slab foundation. Now it is 42" to finished floor to be pier and beam. Trying to figure out how to do pier and beam with exterior of house part to be 24x 8 in or 16in concrete maybe 8 ft or 6 ft o.c. around the whole house with screen in between. Garages and drive slab foundation at same 42" ht. with porch between on car and media rm with railing. The home is to be accessible. Any help out there. It is attached.
  9. Please add me to the Houston Chief Architect users group and any news letters. Newell Cheatheam 22531 Lost Creek Rd Katy, Tx 77450.3304 281.392.3034 (o) 713.385.3622 (cell)
  10. here is the attached file for my issue. Newell
  11. I have home I had finished with regular foundation. Now have to raise 54" off grade with concrete blocks around exterior with screen in between. Pier and beam foundation with floor joists at living area and rear decks and front porch. both garages to be at 50" off grade and slab foundation. Any help out there to suggest how I do this. I have chief architect x7. File attached. the cmu blocks needs to go to grade at 0. I have searched videos and cannot find anything like this. rear outdoor room and veranda is not putting floor joists and decking in automatic. Thanks if someone can help.
  12. All I like in finishing up prelim. design of a small cottage is concrete covered porch with wood columns so I can design roof. Newell help 713.385.3622