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  1. This is so extremely helpful! Thank you for explaining how to do this. I've worked on this for hours trying to figure it out.
  2. Here's a bird's eye view of the house. Unfortunately my clients haven't closed on the house yet and original owners were outside so I did not want to walk up to their property without permission and take photos.
  3. I drove past the house today and the roof is a combination of the Gull Wing and Mansard because the side walls do not come to a peak like a gable. Trying to figure out how to do this. When I follow the steps for the mansard roof it comes up to a point (I attached a screenshot) and I don't know how to make it flat on the top.
  4. I have a whole house remodel I am working on that has a finished attic space so it is important for my roof to resemble what they currently have. I'm attaching photos of the existing house exterior photos from google maps to show what the roof looks like (I know these are not clear but I currently do not have additional photos to reference). It appears to me to be a hip roof from the front but now I'm thinking after reviewing the photos again it is a mansard roof which I cannot figure out how to create. Additionally, there is supposed to be a dormer in the attic and I just cannot figure out how to appropriately place the dormer without getting an error message. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as roofs are not my specialty in this program by any means. File is also attached. Thanks in advanced. Forum Copy.plan I'm using Chief Architect Premier X12
  5. Eric, thank you so much! This did the trick and was so simple. As always, I appreciate your help!
  6. Hi there! Client wants me to model their bathroom with the glass shower door having black metal trim in it (see attache inspo photo) and I couldn't find any already made objects like this to import so I'm thinking this has to be custom made. Please any advice on how to go about doing this. I have been researching and watching videos and haven't found a thread that solves this issue.
  7. The only issue with that is the client wants the deck to be large now and not small like how it currently is- how do I work around that?
  8. I figure out what was going on with the roof over the garage. Looking at the photo of the house again I'm noticing the roof over the second floor over the garage- the roof is actually not centered within the middle window but centered between the first angle of the bay window and the other exterior wall. Not sure how to update the roof to be centered in this location?
  9. Here's an actual image of the house. I've been playing around and can't figure out how to get the simple sloped roof above the garage or how to change the roof above the bay window to connect to the roof on either side of it. Here's my updated model. Bristol House.plan
  10. Thank you SO much Eric! I really appreciate you taking the time to look into this and record how to fix it. That worked for me!
  11. Hi All. Still new to the program and figuring things out. I have built an automatic roof and am trying to modify it to be a gable roof instead of the default hip roof. I have watched the various videos on how to do this as well as read through forums and have not been able to figure out why my roof will not adjust to a gable after changing each wall to be a gable setting. I've attached screenshots and uploaded the file. The client only wanted a model for purposes of seeing a new deck/stair option and paint color so the roof isn't the most important thing but I still want it to resemble their house. Thanks, Krissy Chief Architect Premier X12 (64 bit) Bristol House.plan