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  1. mikesmith

    ## installing lattice ##

    thanks guys
  2. mikesmith

    ## installing lattice ##

    I have an existing house that the owners want to demolish the cement block stair and landing for their main entrance I am going to put a new 5'x8' landing with 4' wide stairs …. it is about 40" from ground to the main floor. I want to put diagonal lattice around the bottom but I cannot figure out how to install the lattice with Chief can anyone point me to a help video or the correct tool / sequence to make this happen ?
  3. at the advice of friends I purchased Softplan about 3 years ago...tried it for a year...saw no advantage and decided to sell it I think my Softplan friends just had no idea of the ease of use of Chief your experience may vary
  4. mikesmith

    Online Skype Sessions

    Scott....maybe the Houston User Group would be a good place to start....
  5. mikesmith

    NH user group

    haven't seen Wendy in a while..... lot's of New England users....do you come to Providence for JLC-Live ?
  6. mikesmith

    ## custom window lites ( muntins ) ##

    this is a great tool....thanks again
  7. mikesmith

    ## custom window lites ( muntins ) ##

    ok... that worked fine... thanks again and thanks for the Q&A bit... maybe the mods can move it
  8. mikesmith

    ## custom window lites ( muntins ) ##

    i'll try it now... thanks to you and Mike
  9. I'm trying to duplicate window muntins for an addition to a pool house closest I can come is "craftsman" but it is not really helping cannot find any in the library either
  10. mikesmith

    ANYONE in MAINE using chief architect

    I think Wendy is up that way....
  11. mikesmith

    Centering Handrails etc

    very good discussion....thanks to all
  12. mikesmith

    Polyline parallel to roof angle

    can you use the "make parallel/perpendicular" tool at the bottom of you screen ?
  13. mikesmith

    Where Do I Start?

    Hi Mini...... there are two things your are thinking of investing... one is money... and the other is time if you are willing to invest the time... then you are PROBABLY better off with Premier there is a long history of some people buying Chief for a one-off project and then selling their license here ... there is a transfer fee that has to be paid.. but it is legal to sell as long as the transfer fee is paid who knows... you may find that you become proficient enough and enthused enough that you will want to continue designing with Chief after your project is completed
  14. mikesmith

    Learning Terrain Modification

    excellent video... thanks