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  1. Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply. I really appreciate so much. I will try some of these suggestions. I do not have Photoshop. However, I see Gimp is free. Will try the spherical backdrops also.
  2. I am finding that the catalog backdrops do not seem to be scaled proportionately when viewing a room in full camera view to get a 3D image. My problem is that often items appear huge out the window and what I see in the preview in my library backdrops is not at all what I get when inserted into the image. I have selected many different backdrops attempting to find one that works making sure to select ones that have far away vistas. I have included some screen shots to show what I mean.n These are quick bare bones to demo and no changes have been made to the camera. It is above the finished floor at the default height. Does anyone have a work around other than having to make my own? I have tried making my own backdrops (not easy if you are not familiar with scaling etc.), but why do I need to do that when there are so many in the catalog. I don't remember this issue 5-6 years ago. BTW Using up to date version of X15--just need to change my signature! Thank you, Sharon
  3. Thank you for providing this link. I so appreciate it and will look at it tomorrow for sure!
  4. Honestly, I don't have time to do that right now. Not important. Will do it at my convenience and I stated what version I am using.
  5. I have searched the Chief Architect website and also here. I have X14 now and want to show sliding doors on some base cabinets. Perhaps I am missing the options to adjust this in the cabinet specifications. Would appreciate someone helping me find this. Seems like it would be available in the library with the resurgence of Mid-Century Modern. Thank you.
  6. Mick, thank you for taking the time. I actually do have a Seagate 3TB external hard drive that is set to automatically back up my data on my iMac. I am most attached to my User Library as it is precious and has taken so much time over the years, adding items that I have created in projects etc. So, would never want to lose it. Sharon
  7. Greg, you have a point. I have lots of cloud storage. I have used Chief since version 8.0 and as you can imagine, everything is getting bloated. Trying to streamline everything.
  8. I did a search on the Chief Website and also on Chief Talk and did not find anything. Trying to clean up my hard drive. All of the bonus 295 library catalog items have been added to my Library. I would like to remove all of the many files I have on my hard drive. I assume that the majority of items will be available for down load if I ever need a file or that a new and better bonus catalog will come along. I have a robust User Catalog that I work out of. Just want to make sure I am not doing something I will regret. Thank you.
  9. Here is another item I wrestle with-- do I delete the bonus Library symbol files after I have opened and installed into my library. Same with the 3D Warehouse models that I download. Of course, there are hundreds of these now. I have worried that if I delete them, would it effect my library!
  10. Larry, that has been my approach too, but I feel like there are just layers of old things that have collected over time. For instance, I never know how many previous versions of Chief I should hang onto before deleting them.
  11. 1. YES, I have read Chief Architect's X14 migration guide. But I want to dive deeper. I would love to know the way you prepare to move things over. Do you go through and clean up files? Do you move some files to an X13 folder that are no longer needed, but "just in case". What about your templates you have created for Layout? Do you clean up your library? I know we all approach this differently. I have been using Chief Architect since Chief version 8. So, have done a lot of migrations, but always feel at times it could be done more neatly, cleaner. Would love to hear your approach.
  12. I did Mark, checked the displays. I am looking forward to learning about this. It worked perfectly to copy and paste the cabinets from the work you did into my plan--for now. I want to up my knowledge and skills. Thanks again.
  13. Mark, thank you. I have been attempting this on my own and it did not work. I then opened your plan and copied it and pasted in place into my remodel plan for the client and it is not working for me. I don't expect you to attempt to teach me this and will need to look for videos and other sources on Chief to learn. I will copy and paste the cabinet though into my remodel plan. Thank you so much. Sharon