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Foundation Sill Plate location

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I'm wondering if this is a glitch...or more likely a setup issue?


Here is the setup;

 - The exterior walls are Siding-6

 - The sill plate size on the Foundation DBX is set to 3 1/2". (this is what I want)


 -- Then why does CA automatically set the plate in 1" in front the exterior surface of the foundation wall.  


Now...if I change the exterior wall to Siding-4...and build the framing again...with a 3 1/2" sill plate...the plate is correctly aligned.  


Why can't I use a 3 1/2" sill plate on top of the foundation...and still use 2x6 exterior walls above?  The plate should build to the exterior surface of the foundation no matter what...right?




Foundation DBX.tiff


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I think this is actually a bug that needs to be reported and corrected.  The sill plate will center itself beneath the main layer so long as the foundation is anywhere beneath that main layer.  If you move your foundation so that its just inside that main layer you'll see that the sill plate re-positions itself so that its aligned with the exterior of the foundation wall (as you would expect to see it).  I see no good reason why it should behave like it does.  We should really have a setting that controls the sill plate location but if anything it should probably default to align with the outside of the foundation main layer.


As it is now, I think maybe the best thing to do is just manually re-position them where necessary.

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