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I'm new to Chief, I'm using X-8.


I have been trying to find a good video on setting up Chief for room additions. I have been viewing one called "Dalton remodel, addition".

That one is o.k. but I am looking for one that will go over default setting, layer sets, annotation sets, etc. for addition projects.


I Also would like to see how Chief suggests drawing new roofs that connects o an existing roof. For example, a couple of months ago I followed one

of Chiefs videos on designing a house with some custom roof features. A few days latter I decided to use this plan as a practice plan to adding

an addition to. When I used the build roof tool to add the new roof to the addition all of the custom roofs that where done to the original plans

were changed to the default roof settings. How do I keep this from happening? I did not try to add the new foundation to the new addition yet, but

I would assume I would have the same problem with the build foundation tool as i had  with the build roof tool.


Does anyone know the titles of some good videos for remodeling and addition projects that you would recommend? 








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Remodeling can be quite challenging but there are some older videos that might be helpful and you could start with #358 and #362 and several others in the same series. You will also have to learn a lot about roofs and framing. For each roof plane there is a "Retain Roof Framing" option under the Structure tab, you might find that useful. Some situations will require you to manually build a roof, so that is a good skill to have.

I am just learning some of this stuff myself and am finding the forum works great if you have a specific question and post your plan with a few screen shots.

Good Luck.

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You might want to try ours at


We walk you through just how to set up your asbuild, new design and layout files..


These are the active How-To videos online now in my Cashing In Section


  1. Step One How to Use and Load my Template File
  2. Step #2 – AsBuilds, Creating Asbuilds
  3. Step #3 – Little bit more about AsBuilds
  4. Step #4 – Set up your AsBuilds for Construction Docs
  5. Step #5 – The New Design Process Made Simple
  6. Step#6 – How to Set up all the New Walls, Demo Walls, Existing Walls
  7. Step#7 - Final Tweaks to the Plan File
  8. Step #8 - THE LAYOUT FILE
  9. Step#9 - Sending Elevation Views to Layout.



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