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  1. DMDesigns's post in Mansard roof with flat eaves. 3 roof pitches per side? was marked as the answer   
    You only knew some IDIOT was gonna do it. And that be me..!
    Using polylines solids, trim moldings, roof tool, some symbols scrounged from the WWW, and hot pockets, I swizzled my way through this monster in 10 minutes. Of course I only dressed up 2 sides. But who's counting. Then I thought, hummm maybe I should make a video, but who the H  E  Double Hockey Sticks is gonna want to do something like this crazy thing again... Oh Yea And That Be ME....!
    So no vid, but here are all the cool items loaded up in the plan.

  2. DMDesigns's post in Shed Roof - How To was marked as the answer   
    Let's see if this helps.... 

  3. DMDesigns's post in How to create this tray ceiling with the inverted rounded corners was marked as the answer   
    Here is a way to do that using the counter top tool -- might need to scroll down a bit.

    Makes it easy to so you can apply molding.
  4. DMDesigns's post in adding trim to skylights was marked as the answer   
    Another Way...

    You can even REALLY make it easy on yourself and bring the molding symbol in as an electrical symbol, because you will be able to assign it to mount to ceiling & FLUSH - and it will automatically turn to the angle of the roof.