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Greetings all!

When attempting to create CAD Block that contains dimensions, I click and marquee select all the items desired in the CAD Block (photo A1). With the items selected, I click on the Create CAD Block tool. Once the CAD Block is created, the bounding box of the newly created CAD Block is tremendously larger (photo A2). This only occurs when dimensions are included. What am I missing? I am trying to save routed edge and molding profiles with dimensions to my user library to be inserted into CAD Detail windows and sent to layout as each project may require.






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Interesting that this has not been solved since it was posted so long ago.  Seems to have been an issue in X7 and X8 and continues to happen in X9.  The only clue I could find was that the size of the cad block seems to be linked to the dimension text size and the Extension lengths but not proportionally.

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Glenn I was able to get some irregular sized cad blocks that I believe was driven by the maximum extension length of the dimensions.  However nothing as extreme as the OP has posted so maybe the OP or buzzsaw would be able to post or send in to tech support a plan file that displays the same results as the original posting.

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i think it has something to do with the Dimension lines.

i had couple old dim. style lines from previous imports.


i deleted it and created a new dim style.


seem to be ok now. like Chopsaw...nothing as extreme as before with the old dim. lines.



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