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the Framing Label and the Floor Beam Label, are automatically placed in the "Framing, Labels" layer. 


because i want the Beam to show, but not its Labels, on my Framing Layer Set


is there any way or manually separate those 2 labels on its own layer?



Framing, Joist Labels

Framing, Beam Labels


is there any way to control Label layer? like Doors and Windows have its own Labels Layer




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No way that I personally know of to move labels to a different layer.  If someone else knows of a way it would be news to me.  There may be a better way, but the best solutions I can think of would just be to...


A.  suppress the label for one or the other and then if necessary add your own manual label


B.  turn one of the layers off entirely.  This would turn the label for that object off as well. 


C.  place a polyline with no line style and a solid fill set to the background color over one or more labels as necessary.  Just put that "CAD mask" on its own layer and turn it on and off as necessary.


D.  copy/paste in place an extra item, put the copy on its own layer and then suppress the label.  Turn the appropriate layer on or off depending on the view. 


Which method to use would just depend on the situation.

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You can control all the openings using macro's in the label box of the opening. I use several different macros for openings depending on what I want to show. I didn't create the macro, Joe Carrick did. Check out his macro club.

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