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The cabinet labels on  the side wall of the attached plan will not face the way I want. They are currently facing the wall and I want them rotated 180. When I do this, they automatically revert to the current orientation. I have played with the settings but to no avail. Any ideas???


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It's a standard drafting convention that all of your vertical and horizontal labels will always face the same direction.  So it's going to be normal for cabinet labels to face the wall sometimes.


There are a couple of easy things you can do if you want to change this though.


- If you would prefer to have all of your cabinet labels horizontal instead, you can set the label angle to "absolute" and 0 degrees in the cabinet dialog.


- If you really want some of your vertical labels to be flipped around, set them to be 180.01 degrees which will prevent the program from flipping them back automatically.  Unfortunately, this won't work on the horizontal labels but I'm not sure that you would really want those upside down. 


There may be other suggestions but these are what I came up with that are easy.



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