Kitchen cabinets displayed on floor plan

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I'm new to Chief. I'm using X-8.


I am getting ready to send my floor plan to the layout page and see that the upper cabinets are hiding the cabinets & appliances below them. Also the lower cabinets counter top is shaded.




On the upper cabinets I have changed the line type from a solid line to a dashed line, so that shows up correctly, but the upper cabinets still hide the cabinets

and appliance below. Is there a way to make the upper cabinet transparent? Also is there a way to remove the shading of the counter top in the floor plan view?






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If you do not want the uppers to show then just turn the appropriate layer display to off. As mentioned by Solver the fill color for the object can be changed to none or whatever fill style you like. There are also controls that allow you to move objects to the front and back of their group. The most obvious of these commands is displayed in the bottom of the screen tools when you click on an object or if you right click on an object in the pop-up menu. There are also other group move commands in the objects DBX, believe under line style. These may help, but there are some limitations on this.



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Are you using X8? If so, give the upper cabinets a 50% fill. It's awesome.

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