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Changing dimension text

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I'm new to Chief. I'm using X-8.


Is there a way the change the dimension callout in the dimensions? Where I need to do this is in the bathroom. I need to show the minimum required distance

of 30" for the toilet to fit between the shower and the vanity cabinet. In reality I have 36" but the building department insists that I callout the minimum required distance.


In AutoCAD I will explode the dimension, then use text edit and change the dimension to show whatever I want it to show. This method is quick since it leaves the

dimension lines and only changes the dimension text.


Is there a way to do something similar in Chief?





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Hmmm, I think I would have another chat with the building dept's supervisor


if your actual dimension is 36" then that is what you should specify


if they insist on showing 30" ALSO then I would add a text box (min. req. 30")



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There are a few ways you could do that:

- You could add some text before or after the actual dimension as necessary to reflect the required information.

- You could add a line with arrows on both ends and then manually place some text over that line ("30" minimum" or whatever they want to see) to mimic a dimension.

- Probably the best method...Make your dimension text a little smaller and just manually place whatever text you want over the top of it.  You actually don't even need to make the dimension text smaller if your new text is as long or longer than the dimension text. 

There may be others as well, but those are a few that come to mind. I have requested in the past that we have a way to modify dimensions for situations like this. May be time to suggest it again.

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