Icons for .plan, .layout, .calib and .calibz

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As you know, the file icons for .layout and .plan files are annoyingly similar. I think in later versions (X4?) they may have tried to make it easier to distinguish between them, but you have to admit the icons are not great.

For my use, I have made new icons for .layout, .plan, .calib, and .calibz files. it is VERY conspicuous which is which.

It's easy to change file-type icons in WindowsXP, but to set them in Windows7, you will need a third-party application (I recommend the free program FileTypesMan).

The attached thumbnail shows what the icons look like in the various Windows 7 views. Although I haven't tested it, these should absolutely work with Windows 8.



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I totally agree ... layout and plan file icons do look too much alike.  Great idea!

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thanks , these look nice , didn't realise Win7 doesn't allow icon changes either so thanks for that tip as I am using Win7pro.



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I have always found the icons to be a pain, so I just turn on the display of file extensions and then don't have a problem.

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