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right click on the .pl1 file and use "open with" to choose your version of Chief


if there is a .PL0 file then use that

as I think that file was the "master" for a plan - but maybe it was .PL1 ???



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Or within Chief, just click open and navigate to the file and open it, it will find/list the .pl1 file.  Or drag the file into chief from explorer.  Or try Lewis suggestion.  All of them should work.


.pl1 = first floor; .pl0 = foundation plan; .pl2 = second floor, etc.


Open the .pl1 file and Chief will automatically combine them into one.  But you can really open any of the .pl files and they will still combine.  If any of the .pl files are missing, then that floor will not be present in the file.  Even older files have .ca files which are the CAD files.  And there are also .pb and .cb files, and those are the backups.


Hope that helps.

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