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  1. No, I'm trying to learn how to create the Drip Edge, but I will.
  2. Can a profile of a Drip Edge be used as a Shadow molding on the Facia to create a drip edge?
  3. Thanks Chopsaw, that was exactly what I couldn't find.
  4. Where can I find info on how Roof Plane Polyline Labels are calculated?
  5. Thanks, I will just use one of the custom fill patterns. Greg
  6. I guess I can just use one of the standard patterns in a new wall called Int-4 Sound
  7. I'm looking for the insulation pattern we use in section views to show where sound insulation goes in interior walls on the plan views. Greg
  8. Is the a fill pattern to show insulation in walls on floor plan view? Greg
  9. I'm sure its a simple but I cant get my door labels back to size from callouts. Anyone?
  10. All my dashed lines become solid lines at the corners. Did I flip a switch somewhere without knowing.
  11. I knew what you meant, but my next question is why not? It seems like it would be so easy to code that in to the door and window.
  12. Thanks I guess I forget word automatically.
  13. Is their any way to have anchor bolts show on my foundation plan on each side of doors and windows and 8" from corners.