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  1. gregtvillage

    Sound wall Insulation

    Thanks, I will just use one of the custom fill patterns. Greg
  2. gregtvillage

    Sound wall Insulation

    I guess I can just use one of the standard patterns in a new wall called Int-4 Sound
  3. gregtvillage

    Sound wall Insulation

    I'm looking for the insulation pattern we use in section views to show where sound insulation goes in interior walls on the plan views. Greg
  4. gregtvillage

    Sound wall Insulation

    Is the a fill pattern to show insulation in walls on floor plan view? Greg
  5. gregtvillage

    Door Labels

    I'm sure its a simple but I cant get my door labels back to size from callouts. Anyone?
  6. gregtvillage

    Dashed lines

    Thanks Chopsaw.
  7. gregtvillage

    Dashed lines

    All my dashed lines become solid lines at the corners. Did I flip a switch somewhere without knowing.
  8. gregtvillage

    Locate anchor bolts

    I knew what you meant, but my next question is why not? It seems like it would be so easy to code that in to the door and window.
  9. gregtvillage

    Locate anchor bolts

    Thanks I guess I forget word automatically.
  10. gregtvillage

    Locate anchor bolts

    Is their any way to have anchor bolts show on my foundation plan on each side of doors and windows and 8" from corners.
  11. gregtvillage


    If you turn all layers on, your wall cladding will not show, Seems backwards. How many knew? News to Me.
  12. gregtvillage

    Brick Hatching

    Thanks to all who tried. Turned off Walls,Main Layer and eureka brick appeared. So simple after much frustration. I'll dance at your next wedding. Greg
  13. gregtvillage

    Brick Hatching

    The brick is only missing in the floor plan view? Thanks Greg
  14. gregtvillage

    Brick Hatching

    My Brick hatching and outline have disappeared. Hatching is turned on and brick shows on all views. When I select the walls you can see the outline of a wider wall showing the brick is still there. Help! Greg
  15. gregtvillage

    Half,Cripple.Pony Walls

    Thanks Eric, I'll experiment with some of you suggestions. Greg