Full Dormer with gable end?


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I am trying to learn ChIef Architect but I am having  one heck of a time with the roof.  I am trying to modeling my house.  The house itself is pretty simple.  It is a two story colonial with each of the ends having a full gabled end. 

 The garage is where I am having trouble. Garage is 24x24.                                                                                                                                                            The Garage is attached to one of the gabled ends.  It has a gable on the same side as the house gable and a gable on the front of the garage.   So far the gabled ends have been pretty easy.  I have just selected those wall as being gabeled and autobuild the roof.  The back of the garage though has been a lot more troublesome.  There is a room over the garage and the back of that room has a full ceiling.  The roof on the back of the garage is a fully dormered roof.  Meaning the roof off the back has less of a pitch than the two gableded ends.  I think the two gabeled  end are something like a 12/12 pitch.  Not sure exactly on the pitch of the back of the roof.  I have tried to use the auto dormer tool but I cannot widen it out to the full length of the back of the garage.  Attached are my files and some picture of my house.


 I have watched a bunch of you tube videos but could not find one to get this task complete.  If anyone knows of any video send me a link and I will check them out.  PLEASE help I am going to pull my hair out.



Thanks so much





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